10 Best places in India to celebrate Christmas


10 Best places in India to celebrate Christmas: It’s December and if you have been good all year, then Santa Claus is on his way to shower gifts upon you. India might not be known for celebrating Christmas like all the Western countries, bt we have our own style of celebration and we love it. In several parts of India Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm and with an interesting flavor. Therefore what we did for you is that we have prepared a list of 10 places in India that are known for their Christmas celebrations.

1. Goa

With sizable Roman Catholic population and  Portuguese legacy, Goa is a connotation for celebration, especially, when it comes to Christmas. The entire city is decorated with poinsettia flowers and lights.  In the midnight, masses sing carols and this goes on till early hours of the morning. Even the beach shacks and restaurants serve Christmas lunches and dinners and have live bands playing.

2. Puducherry

If you are seeking a zealous Christmas celebration that is peaceful at the same time, then Puducherry is the place for you. During the Christmas season, Puducherry becomes brighter and you can feel the exuberance in the ambiance and you are compelled to be a part of it. The church service on the day of Christmas in Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges (The Church of Our Lady of Angels), The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Church of the Assumption, The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, and Church of Our Lady of Good Health are quite a sight to witness.

3. Kerala

Each street is decorated and the churches remain open almost all night. The restaurants offer heavy discounts on food and drink. There is a local touch to this high spirit festival and it is something that you need to witness rather than be told about. Adding to the joy are gorgeous beaches and serene backwaters, where you surely want to spend some time.

4. Mumbai

Mumbai is yet another place where the warmth of Christmas can be greatly felt. The western suburb of Bandra is the specific area where the spirit of Christmas can be felt the most, this area is mostly inhabited by Catholics and thus one can see the houses and streets decorated with lights and Christmas trees. Also, there are many churches in Mumbai such as Holy Name Cathedral, Saint Thomas’s Cathedral, Gloria Church, Saint Michael’s Church, Mount Mary’s Basilica, Saint Peter’s Church, Saint Andrew’s Church and Lady of Immaculate Conception, where you can attend lively midnight mass.

5. Daman and Diu

Several cultural shows are organized here; one can even see Portuguese dance form like Corrindinho here. The vibrant lamps brighten the night sky making these places phenomenal during the festive season. One may also like to attend the mass in churches like Saint Paul’s Church, Se Cathedral and Church of Our Lady of Rosary.

6. Kolkata

Christmas is not one of the major celebrations in Kolkata, the city has some affection attached to it. Park Street is one place that makes the festive mood go extravagant. You may find that the apart from Christians, people from other communities offering prayers and singing carols in the midnight mass in the churches. Also, during the festive season heavy discounts on items in the market can be seen, which keeps the bazaars in Kolkata quite busy.

7. Shillong

There is a sizable population of Christians here, thus Christmas is celebrated here with much zeal and enthusiasm. The streets, houses and churches are decorated with shimmering lights; people prepare traditional cuisine and spend time signing carols and hymns in the evening.

8. Manali

This popular Himachal’s destination is perfect for those who want to celebrate the Christmas amidst real snow. Mostly it snows during the Christmas time in Manali, which gives the tourist the chance to enjoy skiing and making snowman or simply throwing snowball at each other. One may also like to live in one of the log huts that definitely enhance the Christmas mood.

9. Bangalore

The entire city gets decked up during the advent season and places like malls, markets and restaurant start to offer discounts and special menus respectively. A large number of events are organized in the city in order to make Christmas more fun.

10. Delhi

During the Christmas season, Delhi enjoys a feel of sensation with shopping malls decorated, Christian localities bathed in shimmering lights and clubs and lounges throwing theme parties every now and then. Even the chilly weather cannot diminish the charm of the warmth of Christmas that this city holds. Delhi is certainly one place in India, where Christmas celebration is worth witnessing.

So here were few places in India where you can spend your December to celebrate Christmas and enjoy the Indian way of celecrating it.


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