Check out ‘Chak De! India’ girls – Then and Now


Check out  ‘Chak De! India’ girls – Then and Now. The movie ‘Chak De! India’ is regarded amongst Shah Rukh Khan‘s one of the best performances till date. The movie was a superhit and was critically acclaimed. But, it wasn’t an SRK flick trying to cash in on the King Khan’s mass appeal. The movie, in fact, brought to limelight the girls team of hockey players. Yes, the new faces who played the role of hockey players were indeed the ‘hero’ of the film. It’s been 9 longs years and the girls have come a long away from their ‘Chak De! India’ days.

#1. Seema Azmi – Rani Dispotta

After playing hockey player Rani Dispotta from Jharkhand in the hit movie “Chak De! India”, she returns as a narrator in the new TV show “Upanishad Ganga”.

#2. Shilpa Shukla – Bindia Naik

Actress Shilpa Shukla played the character of Bindia Naik who was shown to be the most senior player in the hockey team. Her stubborn act in the movie surely earned acclaim. Coming from a theater background, this movie opened the doors for a film career for Shilpa and she was seen in many B-Town films since then.

#3. Sagarika Ghatge – Preeti Sabarwal

Actress Sagarika Ghatge played the character of Preeti Sabarwal in the movie. She was the most good-looking girl in the entire team and is shown to be dating a famous cricketer. She surely turned up the heat with her killer looks on the field. In real life, she is a National level athlete and has been a part of several Hindi and Marathi movies.

#4. Anaitha Nair – Aliya Bose

Actress Anaitha Nair as Aliya Bose gave a sweet performance and we loved her in the film. Apart from this movie, Anaitha was seen in various other Hindi and regional movies. She is happily married now with a cute little baby girl.

#5. Shubhi Mehta – Gunjan Lakhani

Actress Shubhi Mehta as Gunjan Lakhani was shown with slight shades of gray in the film. In real life, the actress is now ruling the corporate world, away from films.

#6. Sandia Furtado – Nethra Reddy

Actress Sandia Furtado as Nethra Reddy surely had her act in place. She works as a PR professional in Mumbai now.

#7. Arya Menon – Gul Iqbal

Actress Arya Menon played the character of Gul Iqbal, who was the only Muslim player of the team. After the movie, Arya was seen in few commercials and later shifted to the profession of advertising.

#8. Vidya Malvade – Vidya Sharma

Actress Vidya Malvade enacted the character of Vidya Sharma who was the captain of the hockey team. Her calm and composed act in the movie surely got noticed and soon after the movie became a hit, Vidya was seen in many movies.

#9. Chitrashi Rawat – Komal Chautala

Actress Chitrashi Rawat essayed the character of Komal Chautala who was tomboyish and quite competitive even though she was the tiniest in the team. The actress is a hockey player in real life as well. She tried her luck in movies after that and also participated in ‘Comedy Circus 2’ and is a television presenter.

#10. Tanya Abrol – Balbir Kaur

Actress Tanya Abrol who played the role of Balbir Kaur surely was one of the most entertaining characters on the team and her forever angry Punjabi avatar is completely different from her real life persona. After the movie, Tanya was seen in the hot TV show ‘CID’ as Jaywanti Shinde.
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