Chowman Kolkata Saltlake: Treat for the tummy..!!


By Amartya Datta,

Chowman Kolkata Saltlake: Treat for the tummy..!! My first visit to ‘Chowman‘ (Kolkata,Saltlake) was during this year’s Durga Puja, when my girlfriend suggested that we should try out a new restaurant that she and her family love. We went out for lunch and as expected it was full and we were listed 2nd on the waiting list but I was surprised that they cared to arrange chairs for everyone under a shade so that people who were waiting doesn’t have to stand. I was impressed already.  As soon as I entered I was quite pleased with the ambiance, the food was no doubt great, the service was fast but out of all these the humble behavior of staffs and waiters were what made me rate this restaurant a freaking 5star on Zomato. I gave my heart to Chowman.

My second visit was special, it was my girlfriend’s birthday and she gave the treat. We ordered ‘Dry Fried Chilli Pork’ & ‘Pan Fried Chilli Fish’ for starters. If you haven’t tried pork yet, you should start with ‘Dry Fried Chilli Pork’. It was a treat for my tummy. My love for ‘Pork’ boosted up since I had it at Chowman. The ‘Pan Fried Chilli Fish’ was soft and juicy, anyone can differentiate it from other starters as it has this unique flavor in it. The combo was spicy though but it changed with the main course. We ordered ‘Veg-Fried Rice’ with ‘Sweet and Sour Fish’ as side dish and it was opposite to the taste of the starters, therefore the combo made it taste more tasty. Last but not the least I finished my meal with a ‘Lemon Soda’ and that my friend is called a proper treat.



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