Foldable Smartphones Are On Their Way


Foldable Smartphones Are On Their Way: Samsung wasn’t expected to make a characteristically big splash at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona until today, and technically, it still doesn’t sound like the trade show’s general public will get access to the company’s most exciting 2017 products.

But in addition to a 60-second Galaxy S8 sizzle reel, a private demo of one of the world’s first foldable smartphones might be in the pipeline. “Private” is, unfortunately, the key word, as a select group of partners, distributors, retailer reps, and journalists will probably attend the secret event, with Samsung possibly looking for feedback while exploring various flexible designs, concepts and release strategies.

Although we wouldn’t count on any factual information or imagery coming to light in the near future, even a “Galaxy X” presentation of this covert nature suggests Samsung’s R&D work is finally approaching completion.

2017 should be the long-awaited year foldable smartphone/tablet hybrids start cropping up in the real world, from Samsung, LG and other OEMs, prospectively hitting stores in limited numbers before taking over the industry… eventually.

For now, the number one seller of rigid handhelds is also tipped to showcase a few new malleable display prototypes for all MWC 2017 attendees, alongside a pair of somewhat boring commercial Android and Windows tablets.


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