Google’s 4K Digital Whiteboard Goes On Sale For ₹3 Lakhs


Google’s 4K digital whiteboard goes on sale for ₹3 lakhs.

It only took half a year, but Google’s first take on a digital whiteboard is finally available. Google has started selling the Jamboard in the US for $4,999 plus $600 per year for management and support ($300 if you buy one by the end of September). As before, it’s ultimately a 55-inch 4K display with collaborative cloud features at its heart. So long as you have a G Suite plan, both remote Jamboard and mobile tablet owners can draw and annotate as if they were in the room with you (phone users can follow along and enter data). You can also conduct presentations through Hangouts, and pull any files you need from the range of Google’s apps.

As we mentioned when Google unveiled the Jamboard back in October, it’s really a hardware manifestation of Google’s productivity apps — this is what happens when they all get a dedicated canvas. It’s a way of getting Google’s foot in the boardroom door and could lure businesses that want an internet-savvy whiteboard but aren’t willing to fork over $9,000-plus for Microsoft’s Surface Hub before service costs are involved. You’re not going to have one at home, but it might become a mainstay in your office if you depend on Google and want some long-distance brainstorming.

“Jamboard is the perfect anchor for a meeting. We can easily add content and capture great ideas from everyone.”
-Shaown Nandi Chief Information Officer at Dow Jones

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Product Intro:

Good ideas become great ones when you work together with your teammates. But as teams become increasingly distributed, you need tools that spur visual creativity and collaboration—a way to sketch out ideas, rev on them with colleagues no matter where they may be in the world and make them real. That’s where Jamboard, our cloud-based, collaborative whiteboard, can help. Starting today, Jamboard is available for purchase in the United States.

Breaking down creative barriers:

We tested Jamboard with enterprise early adopters like Dow Jones, Whirlpool and Pinterest, who shared how Jamboard helped their businesses collaborate more efficiently and bring the power of the cloud into team brainstorms.

Shaown Nandi, chief information officer at Dow Jones, saw his teams became more hands-on in creative sessions thanks to Jamboard. “Jamboard breaks down barriers to interactive, visual collaboration across teams everywhere,” said Nandi. “It’s the perfect anchor for a meeting and encourages impromptu, productive sessions. We can easily add any content to the Jamboard to capture great ideas from everyone. We immediately saw the benefits.”

We received great suggestions from customers on how to make Jamboard even better, such as adding a greater range of secure Wi-Fi network configurations so it’s easier to jam in different business settings. Customers also confirmed how important high-speed touch is when using a digital whiteboard, and we’re using the Nvidia Jetson TX1 embedded computer to make sure Jamboard’s 4K touchscreen delivers a responsive experience. Starting today, you can purchase a Jamboard in three colors: cobalt blue, carmine red, and graphite grey.

Order Jamboard today:

You can purchase Jamboard for $4,999 USD, which includes two styluses, an eraser, and a wall mount. We’re also running a promotion—if you order on or before September 30, 2017, you’ll receive $300 off of the annual management and support fee for the first year, as well as a discount on the optional rolling stand.

Keep in mind that a G Suite plan is required to use Jamboard so that you can access files from Drive, use them in your brainstorms and come back to your work later. Plus, the Jamboard mobile companion apps can be used remotely so you can work on the go. Also, we’re teaming up with BenQ to handle fulfillment, delivery, and support. Check out pricing details below.

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