Kolkata at night : Amartya Datta



Website: www.theimmortalarts.com 
Theme : Kolkata at night
Camera : Canon 60D
Lense : 52mm (prime)

I was taking a cab towards somplace i don’t remember right now. It had passed 12pm and the night still looked alive and bright. We were stuck in traffic and i happend to have my camera with me and i was looking through the viewfinder to catch something interesting. I looked almost everywhere outside but couldn’t find anything. Suddenly the driver bhaiyya asked me, whether i were a photographer or not and  i still had my eyes on the viewfinder, i turned my head towards him and there it was, the interesting thing that i was searching for was right in front of me. It has been my favourite picture since then.


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Myself Amartya Datta, I'm currently 21 years old, living in Kolkata. I'm a Journalism & Mass Communication graduate and have a specialization on VFX and Graphic Designing.

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