By Sunanda Malakar, 

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when it’s about your future career, and you’re thinking of giving it a serious thought? Well, let’s confess that someday or the other we’ve all gone through a hard time deciding about which way to go? Which career to opt, that’s gonna give you a foothold in this world.And when it comes to your parents,their opinion to us is always to get a “safe-and-secured-good-pay-job”(at sometimes).Well, honestly saying,they’re not wrong. Perhaps, earning your bread on your own is what matters the most nowadays. But, there are a few…well, let’s say, not a few… but a quite many amongst us who dare to dream, dare to think out of the box. There are a lot many career options,that are quite off-bit in comparison to the others.Well, they maynot be offering you good pay like those 10-5 jobs, but, they’ll surely give you the platform to showcase your talents to the whole world. But, it’s also true, “struggling is the key to survive”.

They say that art is the reflection of the society. Indeed, it is; your art should mirror your inner-self as-well. There’re many options like taking up fashion studies, designing as your career, if you’re in love with creating new designs and sketches. Or, if you prefer to see the world in a different angle through those camera lenses of yours; you can opt for photography as your career too. In case, if your guitar is your best-friend and the magical notes from those five strings can create a sense of awe among all, then you can surelygo for it. If your writing can embed seeds of revolution in people’s mind and if that 4×4 white paper seems to be your domain, then just rule it! In today’s generation students are much more inclined towards making an off-bit career, rather than going for general lines. So, whatever your skills are, just make them sharp enough so that it makes you stand out of the crowd.

There are many of us who are nurturing their passions along with earning some bucks too. There is a whole ocean of opportunities before you,and you may not know that it’s your call.All you need is just to stay true to your passion and take the risk to answer that call and just jump-off (not literally)! If they say “necessity is the mother of invention”… then I say,” Innovation is the mother creation”.


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Myself Amartya Datta, I'm currently 21 years old, living in Kolkata. I'm a Journalism & Mass Communication graduate and have a specialization on VFX and Graphic Designing.

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