Meeting with angel and devil


By Sunanda Malakar,

I am not an atheist .l do believe in god .l believe in Demons and Angels, I believe in the existence of Satan and Gabriel in this world itself. Even I have seen them wandering about on the road in the broad daylight; they seem to have quite acquainted faces. Their features are not like any divine creature but quite similar to us; they only bear a heart of gold.

Civilization- what is it? New technological inventions are the examples of civilization, so is this the civilization, which has made us mechanical and self-centered? Is this what we call civilization? Are posh cars, so called-fashionable dressed, pubs, huge malls are the mark of civilization? What about that little boy, standing by the street alone? His eyes staring at the faces of the girls and boys going inside the mall, dreamily at their “HIGH-CLASS” get-up. A makeshift cloth is enough for him to cover his cage of bones. “I have got it from vogue, Gucci”, it shows on their faces and stands for their status; but, his only aim is to earn a square-meal a day. Yes, I claim that I have seen god, nowhere but in my next lane, feeding that hungry-belly with a bowl of hot porridge. The spark in his eyes and that pale face, though full of content made me believe that he was so. Yes, I have seen devils too. Scorching heat, a bare footed, tanned, half-nude boy approaching a lady, asking for some water. Suddenly, I saw two sharp teeth coming out of her mouth, frowned eyebrows, “Shoo. Shoo”! She threw a penny at him and went away. I have seen those dizzy eyes and the reflection of disappointment. Many a times, I have seen god, taking an injured man to the hospital while hundred humans stood and stared; or distributing foods and clothes to those hungry tummies, that haven’t fed for days. I have seen god in that girl who helped that blind lady to cross the road. Last Sunday I saw god, sitting under a tree teaching some village kids, full of enthusiasm. I have seen an angel struggling against a devil. I have peeped in when a man (that is what they are proudly called) was beating a girl, whom the society recognizes as his wife. One night he came and tortured her, that night gave a scar, both on her face and her mind. The society hated her because she was ugly, her face was burnt. I have seen that angel fighting against the devilish society to bring her infant up.

I have met an angel in the dimly-lighted and clumsy road of a brothel. Her name was Tara; her profession needed her to keep the personal information confidential. Her husband sold her for 50,000/- . It was 6 months after her 3rd delivery. It was her 3rd daughter; the previous two were killed in the womb itself. Every night, glittering like a goddess, she waited for some devils to gulp her down. But, I have seen that angel every morning… returning to her small hut, cooking food for her daughter, Mehnaaz. She ironed her uniform as the girl enquired, “Where do you go each night, when I fall asleep”? She stared blankly at her, then put a little smile and said mockingly, “hunting”! Yes, I have seen that angel, crying in silence –“One day she would grow up and get to know all; then she’d hate her mother ” …”I love her more than my life”, she put a smile and left. She was an angel in the truest sense.

Yes, I do worship those angels, who fight with this devilish society. I appreciate their struggle. Civilization has made us more selfish and self-centred. I still believe that there is an angel and a devil in everyone’s mind; it’s up to us whom we feed the most.


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