Minimalism; The New Trend.


By Arshita Agarwal,

I’m a minimalist. Minimalism to me is a reaction, an antithesis to noise, destruction, disorders, crime and distraction. It is peace; it is beauty as you see it. Minimalism is a thought, a state which is raw, real and corporal. In my interpretation of minimalism, the word suggests a state of mind against artificiality. Against all odds, it is a thought which distances itself from the Abstract by removing metaphors of any kind. This denial of artificiality led to the creation of sleek, geometric work that purposefully and radically eschews conventional aesthetic appeal. The geometric inspired art determined a sharp edge making it look rigid with firm lines going all over, showed the firm decision to stand by the point of realism in life.

It is more than wearing monochromes, nude coloration, or even no prints. It defines the physical attractiveness in another paradigm. To me an entirely black box could mean the universe, to a dark night or even maybe an abused child wanting to be alone but to you it might only be a simple black box. To get into this state of mind, it is tiresome and adventurous at the same time, as it demands a new perspective towards simple things in life as well as a creatively new and adventurous way to look at things. Minimalists can’t be distinguished from the crowd; we are and should be present everywhere. We tend to forget our lives and most importantly forget to ‘think’, getting trapped in this rat race.  It is more like a play of the mind rather than physical things. How many of you want to be different?  Want to break through barriers and get away from the mainstream? I’m sure the answer is yes, and then you are already different from the rest. Minimalism started off with a few bunch of people trying to look through simple things and finding and exploring antithesis’s to theories. It later became a movement for artists and an architect working on the notion of less is more and deriving meaning from basic things in life. Well as it is rightly said, be curious, be creative!



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