New selfie trend: Finger mouthing


New selfie trend: Finger mouthing. If you are such a woman who loves to move with the trend and stays on her toes to portray herself different every time she faces the spotlight, then this Fingermouthing Selfie is your cup of tea. Take a sip, slurp or do whatever you want to do with it to look smokingly hot.

Fingermouthing is the next big selfie trend, which has the world go gaga over it. To describe it, Fingermouthing is a selfie pose, where she casually dangles her fingers casually anywhere around her mouth to flaunt her sensuous side.

It all started after popular celebrities from the Kardashian-Jenner Clan along with Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid used it their selfies with great perfection.

Next time, you want your fashion identity to sparkle amongst your followers, just post a Fingermouthing selfie on your social media profiles, and watch for the streak of comments that will make you feel like a star.

You just need to place your finger anywhere near your mouth, as if you are not ready for the selfie, (however, you are doing that with an intention), and click. To make it look for captivating, you can experiment by placing the arm on your hip, with fingers dangling near your mouth.

Meanwhile, beauty must be blended with the brain, and this Fingermouthing should be used for a purpose. For instance, you may take such a selfie to flaunt the latest lipstick, your nail art, or even the rings and ornaments on your fingers.

Become the most-loved identity over the social media by simply posting a Fingermouthing Selfie!


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