Pork Cutlet Sliders : By Tasty..!! MUST WATCH.



– 1 pork tenderloin
– 1 cup flour
– 1 tsp salt
– 1 tsp pepper
– 2 eggs
– 1 cup plain bread crumbs
– 2 Tbsp. butter
– 2 sweet onions, sliced
– 1 cup beer
– 2 lemons, juice
– 4 slices of cheese, quartered (I used swiss in this recipe)
– 1/2 head red cabbage, thinly sliced
– Oil for frying

1. Slice the pork tenderloin into equal medallions, roughly 1/4 inch. Pound the cutlets thin, then slice into slider size, roughly 3 square inches.

2. Mix flour, salt, and pepper in one bowl. Whisk 2 eggs in another bowl. Pour bread crumbs in the third bowl.

3. Dredge each cutlet in the flour mix, then egg mix, them breadcrumbs.

4. Heat up cooking oil in a large pan. Fry the cutlets until they are golden brown, then set cutlets on a paper towel to remove excess grease.

5. Melt butter in a skillet over medium heat. Add sliced onions and cook until starting to brown. Pour beer and stir occasionally. When the liquid is gone, the onions are ready.

6. Stack your sliders: pork, lemon juice, cheese, onion, sliced red cabbage, pork, and insert a toothpick to hold the slider together.

*Optional – Serve with dressing of choice. Enjoy!

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