Be ready for cheaper iPhones: Apple to Manufacture iPhones in Bangalore from April


Apple inc. will start manufacturing Apple iPhone  in Bangalore (Bengaluru) starting April of 2017. Apple earlier had planned to open their own flagship stores in several cities including Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, but due to the government compliance of requiring manufacturing in India, the process was delayed. Tim Cook’s recent visit to India was a positive sign on the efforts of the Cupertino-based tech giant, to fully initiate and integrate it’s service in the Indian market.

The manufacture of iPhones will considerably bring down costs of duties and taxes and will allow Apple to sell at competitive prices and at par with US price which is usually Rs. 10,000-15,000 cheaper. Apple will also bring their full suite of in store experiences, like training and Genius bars, to improve service and warranty standards in India, which have usually had mixed reviews.

Apple is selling large volumes of phones in India, and iPhone sales hit 2.5 million from Oct 2015-September 2016 raking in 9,997 Crore in revenue for the tech company here in India.


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