Shahrukh Khan’s Replies Proved He’s Also The King Of Humours


Shahrukh Khan,
“naam toh suna hi hoga”

It’s really no breaking news that Shahrukh Khan is indeed the king of Bollywood. The fact that he matches his on-screen persona with an equally charming real life personality just goes on to prove why he’s the most famous and loved celebrity in India. Whether it’s journalists trying to grill him with bizarre questions or the people on Twitter trying to troll him, Shahrukh Khan, being the king of sass, knows how to deal it with his humours.

Here are some of his sassiest replies ever:


1. Chandler Bing is so proud of you right now

2. Better luck next time, mate. SRK is in da house

3. Classic SRK move

4. Please help, the Journalist need serious help to recover from that burn

5. I live for his witty replies

6. Well, well, isn’t he right, though

7. Journalists should think 10 times before asking him any questions. Too good!

8. Kuch kuch still hota hai

9. This wins the INTERNET

10. His love for Kajol is just too adorable

11. Nailed it like always

12. Mandira too is going to need Burnol here

13. I wish I could get paid enough to buy the new playstation

14. Oh, well

You can love him or hate him, but you just cannot deny that he has an excellent sense of humor.


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