Some of the hottest WWE Diva contests that you can’t miss


These are some of the most steamiest WWE scenes about a decade ago which you can’t ever miss.

#1 Torrie and Sable in a Bikini contest


There were many segments in WWE which perhaps were not aired in India because of the degree of hotness. One of those segment included the bikini contest where a former playboy magazine cover girl ‘Sable’ challenged a reigning playboy cover girl ‘Torrie Wilson’. The contest proved to be one of the steamiest episodes in WWE history which ended in Torrie Wilson kissing Sable after eventually winning it.

#2 Stacy Keibler strips live on RAW

Stacy Keibler one of the hottest superstars who came to WWE after the collapse of WCW involved in some of the steamiest moments on WWE TV including her trademark entrance into the ring, which had the WWE Universe both at ringside and watching on live TV drooling. Catch the entire jaw dropping moments.


#3 Trish and Stacy Keibler – Mud match

Trish Stratus one of the all-time favorite WWE DIVA was booked against Stacy Keibler by then manager Eric Bischoff for a Mud Match. Though in the end Trish was adjudged the winner of this match but not before the audience had an life-time experience watching these two DIVAS mudding it out.

Due to some explicit content the video is not shown in our site, please click here to see the video.

#4 Trish Stratus’ outrageous table promo

Trish Stratus labeling the table as the most sensual thing following a fantasy challenge for Bubba Ray Dudley’s fantasy for tables. Watch this outrageous video here.


#5 Torrie and Dawn Marie

This segment teased the fans and pushed WWE to its limits, to the point where fans wouldn’t believe that they actually got to witness an on-screen kiss between the two. You won’t believe this was aired too.

Due to explicit content issues, we have not displayed the video on our site. You can watch it here .


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