The mirror : Amartya Datta


The mirror


Theme : The mirror
Camera : Canon 60D
Lense : 52mm (prime)

I was invited at my friend’s place during ‘Kali puja’ and i was helping her out for all the arrangements needed. There was this mirror that was lying facing the garage top, along with the other accessories needed for the puja to held. Well, the mirror seemed interesting because, mirror is what we use the most in our daily lives. Mirror shows what lies in front of it and what is there. But when no one is using it or in front of it, it seems nothing more than a blank space or say a boring object of no use. Therefore it’s existence is there because we are here. So like mirror even our existence, depends on one another and without anyone around us, our lives will be same as the blank space. Therefore we all should always give importance to all the living things around us and people who are somehow related to us because it’s for all of them that we exist and for them only, our existence have some meaning. We are somehow important to someone out there. So be thankful to the life we got.


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Myself Amartya Datta, I'm currently 21 years old, living in Kolkata. I'm a Journalism & Mass Communication graduate and have a specialization on VFX and Graphic Designing.

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