The path : Amartya Datta



Theme : The path
Camera : Canon 60D
Lense : 52mm (prime)

It was during the ‘Durga puja’ of 2014 in Kolkata. Now those who are Bengalis, can easily recognize the bamboo fences and how that is used to maintain the huge crowed. Well like every Bengalis, i was out around 2am, as the crowd gets smaller during the morning time. Therefore i was going through the path that was guided by the pandals and it made me think  that path are man made. You can always choose and there can be more than one way to reach your destiny. Sometimes, the path you are guided to might be only a barrier that is holding you down from reaching your desired place and you must break it and run free. Sometimes sacrifices might not be needed if u choose the right path. Therefore, in the picture the fence represent as a path and the red ribbon represent a warning and they both act as the barrier.


About Author

Myself Amartya Datta, I'm currently 21 years old, living in Kolkata. I'm a Journalism & Mass Communication graduate and have a specialization on VFX and Graphic Designing.

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