This Is Not Your Story By Savi Sharma: Book Review


* Book: This Is Not Your Story
* Author: Savi Sharma
* Publisher: Westland Ltd
* Release Date: February 14, 2017
* Buy Here: This Is Not Your Story

The popular saying ‘Follow your Dreams, no matter what!’ might not hold true for everyone because to follow your dreams you need to have faith in yourself and need the support of from loved ones. And it is not always as easy as it may sound. This is exactly what Savi Sharma’s novel is inspired by. In her new book, the author explores what it takes to dream fearlessly and giving love a second chance. ‘This Is Not Your Story’ will be releasing on this Valentines Day.

The author brings together three characters – Shaurya, Anubhav, and Miraya – along with their unachieved dreams and shattered hearts, and how their stories gradually unfold to a better future.

Shaurya wants to chase his dream of becoming a filmmaker in Mumbai instead of pursuing a Chartered Accountant course that his father forces him for. Since his parents never let him pursue his dreams, Shaurya couldn’t gather the courage to follow his dreams. On the contrary, Anubhav, a young wannabe entrepreneur, has blessings from his parents to chase his dream and start his startup away from hometown. But Anubhav’s dreams get shattered in a tragic accident. Miraya, Shaurya’s next-door neighbor’s cousin, is pursuing her dreams of being an interior decorator but a terrible experience in love left her heart scarred.

The characters are well sketched, especially, the character of the protagonist Shaurya. His character is layered and has a depth that helps the readers connect with him.

In this book, the love story takes a back seat although you can feel some sparks between Shaurya and his neighbor but unfortunately, those sparks lack passion.

 The writing is emphatic as well as poignant. Savi laces her plot with deep, heartfelt emotions which moves the readers thoroughly. The narrative is enthralling, inspiring and absolutely honest. The plot and the characters are easy to comprehend. The pace of the book is fast and grips its readers into the depth of the story.
A captivating and motivating read indeed!

For a moment, forget who you are. More importantly, leave behind who we are and empty out everything. Instead, just be me.
‘I never wanted anything from life.’
If I say those words, I would be lying. In fact, that would be the biggest lie of my life. I wanted, I have always wanted. I just never could bring the words out. My voice failing, my heart breaking, my soul shattering.
But, what do I really want in life? I don’t know yet. So, I will tell you everything I wanted and still want. Today, I will be true; true to you, and most importantly, true to myself.
I…I…I want to live.
Yes. Not one but many lives in one lifetime. I want to write about myself and everyone I ever met, capture the essence of what it’s like to live. To be able to read everything beautiful and painful ever written and appreciate the experiences captured. All of this hoping to inspire and be inspired.
I want to learn and to teach. Yes, both, because I have had life-defining encounters that need to be shared and understood. Even so, I still have life-changing experiences, lessons to learn.
I want to give away everything I have. Yes, I want that and I want to begin again. To remind me what it means to start over, to be back at the beginning of one’s life.
I want to eat and dress well, have a nice car and a nicer home. To be rich, famous and appreciated. The little things and the bigger things, I want all of them.
I want to be single and yet attached. Alone yet accompanied. I want to be everything and nothing, all at once!
I want Death to want me. He cannot take me, I want him to come when I have exhausted these lives I want to live and become! I want him to desire the enriched soul I will be!
I want it all; slowly, gradually, definitely. But is this all possible? Can one person be all these things in one lifetime?
I don’t know, but I certainly want to know.

By: Aditi Saha
Source: timesofindia


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