By Chiri,

You! Yes you! Though you are a perfect whole being from the view my eyes are having right now yet I can see you as broken like a shattered glass. I know it was a terrible thought to accept that I was sitting next to an individual who is completely broken from inside. You know that you can’t hide anything because you bleed emotions from your eyes. I don’t know what you have lost, may be something which was temporary, may be something which was difficult to resist, or may be someone who lost you.


I also know that you hold oceans beneath your skin because you are a whole galaxy made out of your own stars which break down to dust when you cry which people named as “ wishing star “ and they take a form back when you wish and pray.

You are a “VIRAGO” who doesn’t know what you are passionate about, the fight, the war, the sword or victory. A war which doesn’t prove something, a fight which will always lead to loss, a sword which will hurt a warrior like you or a victory for which you may forget your true spirit or your loved ones.


Love everything that you have, you hope for and you had because a fluid of same colour of love runs in your veins, your heart is of same colour. When you do things from your soul you let a rhythm of joy flow in you. You are a beautiful combination of the stardust and ocean waves, its okay you mess up. I don’t know what you have lost but you have lost it to gain something better, another beautiful gift is coming your way, till then you need to stay strong to prove to your own soul that you actually deserve it.


Live a life full of memories which you made with those who have gone, full of love without regrets but you’ll need a little courage and wisdom to turn stones which people throw at you to the precious gems which your story of life will yearn for.    

Learn to be yourself and let the world adjust according to you. You don’t know that you are that beautiful poetry which people try to understand but they can’t because you are an abstract designed map of penetralia. 


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Myself Amartya Datta, I'm currently 21 years old, living in Kolkata. I'm a Journalism & Mass Communication graduate and have a specialization on VFX and Graphic Designing.

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