We have become the howling dogs of the nation


The frustrated Human,

A statement, just a statement is enough for us to put pointless comments, statuses and pictures on social media websites to disgrace someone. Leaving everything aside everyone starts in concentrating in putting the person down. If you think at least we unite against injustice or something wrong, please hold that thought. Don’t make up your mind just yet or you will also become one of the “Howling dogs of the nation”.

We are the most culturally diverse country in the world. Second highest population. We export numerous things. But, it seems, we have exported are social ethics and common sense as well. On basic human grounds who are we to condemn someone from speaking his or her will, doing what they feel. If our country truly is free, then why do we still chain the thoughts of youth today? Our politicians, whom we elect to make our country prosperous and happy, are the one who are most adamant. Bunch of old and greed fed people who don’t know anything except how much money there is their account in Swiss bank. How can they run our country?

But that is altogether a very diverse and long running topic. Maybe if one of them reads this they might even ask me to leave my country for speaking against them.
The issue that is rising up now a days is the social media war and battles going on regarding religion, rape, eve teasing and every other social problems. As if the lame statuses of ones’ break up was not enough that people have started this as well. And the audacity they have while blaming someone else for something is unbeatable. At that time no one thinks of how they have been a reason for disgrace to their country. All of a sudden the person being targeted is the most evil person in our country.
What all topics have not disgraced our Facebook walls? Muslim and Hindu debate, that India is of Indians and not of Muslims and Hindus. If I may ask you thinking that way is the root cause of such abomination.

There have been many other incidents that we know, which if we think with a very calm mind, are pointless and of no regard whatsoever. Yet every day we have numerous notifications popping on our profiles depicting this nuisance. But the real culprit in all this chaos is our dear media. How can we forget how they manipulate news in favour of getting TRP for their channel? They don’t pay any heed towards the person who might get affected in a very negative way by it. The famous 26/11 incident. Our media was eyes and ears for the terrorists. Now I ask the so called future of India, the youth, why didn’t anyone lash out on them that time? Why was there no statuses, or pictures or updates against them?
Because we Indians find it easier to target an easy prey. We are no different in this manner, than the Britishers who ruled us. 

By writing this I am not being one from the herd. Am simply putting a mirror in front of you to look, watch and understand who is wrong in actual state.


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