Why Not To Commit Suicide?


By Gourav Mukherjee,

Suicide….. Why?????… A very dumb question I guess. Since you are reading this post of mine, I presume that you have already made up your mind to end the most wonderful gift given to mankind. Life. I don’t know why you chose to end your life but if you ask me why not to end it, then I will be able to help you out with a thousand reasons. So are you ready to let me help you. If your heart says “YES” then please go ahead and read this article further. and if its otherwise then also please take some time to read its ’cause come worst, it will waste some of your precious time but what’s that compared to d more precious gift you are bent on wasting.. Let me tell you a story, a real life story. It just happened a few days back.It was a Sunday, Raj was going to his aunt’s house in Tollygung in Kolkata,to attend a family get-together. He had boarded the metro from M.G. Road. Since it was an off day for office-goers the crowd was comparatively on the lesser side. Everything was normal until the metro was entering the Kalighat metro station. A loud shriek and the metro came to a sudden halt. Seconds later the concerned railway authorities made a shocking announcement on d public address system that a boy had jumped in front of the train and committed suicide, so the train would proceed no further in its journey and passengers were requested to evacuate through the emergency gates..This angered Raj as he was getting late for the party, but he had an unexplained urge to find out about who the boy was who just committed suicide, although he didn’t dare to see the mutilated body, but what he gathered from the crowd and later read in the newspapers was that the boy Rohit (name changed) was in his late teens, around 17 years. Now what made him take such a drastic step is debatable and the police and the respective authorities will conduct inquiries but that’s not what I want to say. I want to say what will happen to his FAMILY? His MOM, his DAD? What will happen to the DREAMS which they had for this boy?????? How will they cope with this LOSS??? Nowadays teenagers commit suicide at the drop of a leaf…They have so many problems.. *Burden of an ever-increasing syllabus and the pressure of topping every stream they pursue and meet their parent’s expectations plus the peer pressure to be in the so called group of their socialite friends *Relationship problems… ditched, depressed.Love a person who doesn’t love them back… so what? End life??? These are serious Problems right??? The answer is a straight-forward NO. Ask me why? *’cause while you choose which dress to wear for the party, there is a person like you in another part of the world who thinks what will he wear to cover his bare body. *’cause while you decide whether it’s better to have Chinese or Continental for dinner, there’s someone who thinks whether he will be able to afford two-square meals the next day. *’cause while you complain that your bed is creaking and the blanket is not keeping you warm enough there’s someone who sleeps in the pavement outside in the chilling cold. *’cause when you cry over how your gf/bf ditched you and how you will miss being with them on the next Valentine’s day, there’s someone who daily cries to sleep as he has none to lull him to sleep and how he misses his parents when the rest of the world celebrates Mother’s day or Father’s day.. *’cause when you shout at how much you have to study and how huge your syllabus is, there’s an unfortunate soul who works in some factory to help his family get a day’s square meal, deprived of education and may be haven’t even seen a school up close.. *According to a survey, if you are reading this article you are better off than 60% of the total world population, who don’t have an access to the internet. *If you can actually read this, then you are in the league of the lucky 45% people in the world. *If you are getting to eat two-square meals daily then you are luckier than every 4 out of 10 people, who don’t get basic food and other necessities of life. Now you may be thinking why I am giving you all these statistics… Just one simple reason my dear friend. Just to make you open your eyes and realize how lucky you are and how beautiful your life is. Now don’t you think its really an injustice if you put an end to such a promising bud before it can bloom into a beautiful flower. My dear friend it’s your life, go ahead enjoy what it has to offer you…After all you only get to live once, don’t you think you should something worthwhile to make it a memorable living rather than putting an end to it.. Now don’t think too much, drop the idea.. Will you be happy when your mother sees your lifeless body the same body which she had laboured for such a long time to show you the light of this world.Think of your father will he be able to live for the rest of his life with the thought that he lost his son, who was not brave enough to face the world… Will you be the coward or the brave warrior and go out and fight for yourself if not for others????Choice is yours. It’s your life. Make it large.



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